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Artist Statement

Thank you for spending your time viewing my photographic art. The images that you see here are representations of how I see the world. My passion for photography really comes from my passion for beautiful places and things. I try through my style to duplicate how I see the world.

Through my photography I try and capture amazing light and water in as many ways as possible and how they interact with the land and humans. This is my fun, passion and meditation.

To me its important for my photography to touch the viewer in some way. Scouting locations to find just the right scenes and waiting for just the right light to make a photograph that conveys an emotional response is difficult.  I start with a vision in my mind given the area I’m photographing, then use capture technics that will allow my vision to be produced when I post process the image. My post processes involves balancing for the framing device, adjusting contrast to better show the light and adjust colors, tonalities, luminosity, etc. in an attempt to better present to the viewer the experience in photographic form of my vision..

My photography is an extension of what I’ve always loved, being on or in the water, exploring new places and looking at nature in new ways. Enjoy