Bridal Art - Trash the Dress Shoot

Your Underwater Portrait

The Shoot -

We will be shooting in your pool or mine, please be on time.

If at my pool;
    My part will be ready, you will need to change into the dress you have chosen.
    I have dresses in sizes 6 to 14 if you are not using your own dress. My dresses are holding up quite well, but I am not responsible for anything that happens to your dress.
    You will have a private space to change, if you need help you must provide. If you are applying makeup make sure its waterproof.

If at your pool;
    It will help if you are ready to go, my setup will take about 30 minutes.
    Pool must be spotless, run pump all day and raise the water level.
    No swimming in it prior to or during shoot.

    I will discuss how each sequence of shots will proceed.
    We will talk about poses, what you need to do and think about.

In the Water;
    We’ll start slow and easy, the best images happen when you start having fun.
    You will be wearing a 2 to 4 lb.. weight belt to make you less buoyant, you will not be swimming you will be posing underwater.

After water;
I’ll preview what we’ve done, to make sure everything worked.

Your finished images will be done in about a week.

Session Pricing -

The session is three hours and pricing is determined by:
1. Your pool or mine.

2. Your dress or mine.

3. First shoot and additional second shoot if you want it.

Weekday (M-F) sessions are least expensive and weekends are a little more expensive.  Note shooting in my pool is done between 1:30 and 5:00 on clear days. Shooting times at your pool might vary. If your pool has an inclosure over it we cannot use it. Please include as many details as possible when inquiring, so that we can give you an exact quote.

- Session pricing includes our time and expertise to command posing, providing underwater equipment, creating and editing your images.

- All prints and digital images are purchased ala carte in addition to the session fee.

- A first two hour session typically yields somewhere between 5 to 10 finished images, depending on all the variables of the session.

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